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What is the issue?

WhatsApp is the world’s leading Instant messaging App with over a billion active users. E-SAFE has identified a significant security vulnerability in WhatsApp. With a small bit of social engineering, anyone can misuse a user’s WhatApp Web feature to gain complete access to his/her account in a matter of seconds.

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Appeal to WhatsApp to include a Safety Notification

Show your support by sharing this video on Social Media with the hashtag, #SafeUpWhatsApp to appeal to WhatsApp Inc. USA, to include a safety notification feature when any PC/web device is paired with a WhatsApp account.

E-SAFE WhatsApp Survey

Various Arab and other Asian nationalities, 16 to 54 years (68% Male, 32% Female) took part in the the dipstick E-SAFE online survey on WhatsApp usage in the region.

97% of those surveyed use WhatsApp regularly.
would share their Mobile phones with family, relatives or friends upon request.
30% did not know WhatsApp can be accessed through a computer.
21% of these found out that their WhatsApp has been accessed via a computer without their knowledge.
8 out of 10 people in the region, almost never log out of their WhatsApp Web.

How criminals can trick you


The hacker couldtypically be, a casual acquaintance, might be a Mobile repair personnel or would befriend the victim. He/she then asks to borrow/use the victim’s mobile in the pretext of making a call/repairing the device.


Typically the hacker would have a PC/Laptop/Tab/Web-simulated Mobile device(positioned away from direct view of the victim) where the WhatsApp Web pairing QR code would be kept open. In the pretext of dialling a number,the hacker typically opens WhatsApp Web on the victim smartphone’s WhatsApp messaging App and scans the QR code.


Instantly, the victim’s WhatsApp is paired and replicated in the hacker’s Web device. From this point the hacker can access all previous, current and future messaging activity and content including pictures and videos of the victim's WhatsApp, as well as send and receive messages from the victim's account.

Whenever there is an active data / Wi-Fi connection in the victim’s mobile device, the hacker continues to have full access, irrespective of any geographic distance, until the user logs off from WhatsApp Web in his/her mobile device.

What can you do to be safe?

Be careful who you are sharing your Mobile phone with and log off from WhatsApp Web.

IN ANDRIOD :   Open the App, go to Settings
IN IOS :   Open the App, go to Settings

Note: If you aren’t seeing the above screen in your WhatsApp settings, then you aren’t logged in to or paired with any PC / Web device.

Always be vigilant when you give your phone to any Mobile Repair services as well. Please ensure to log off from WhatsApp Web, before handing in your device for repair.

  • UAE Ministry Of Interior Hotline for Child Protection: 116111
  • Dubai Police Al Ameen 24 Hours, Toll Free: 800 4 888

#SafeUpWhatsApp in the Media

The 'WhatsApp' Brand name, Brand mark and all related / other Brand assets belong to the rightful Copyright owners. Any mention of the above in this campaign or web page is solely for educational and public safety awareness purposes.