UAE Observed the first “International Day of Education 2019” on 24th Jan

UAE Observed the first “International Day of Education 2019” on 24th Jan

Program Name : Seminar on “International Day of Education 2019”

Title : “Sky is the limit for Smart Learning, Fly Safely”

Where : Ministry of Education, Teacher’s Training Center. Ajman

Date and time :  24th Jan 2019, 9:30 AM to 2 PM

Ministry of Education in Collaboration with Emirates Safer Internet Society to take initiative to promote Smart Learning in line with UN sustainable Development Goal on International Day of Education 

Thanks to UN for its Sustainability Goals initiative which is aimed to eradicate poverty by promoting education and provide quality education by smart learning system. As always did, UAE was one of the few countries that responded promptly and proactively to UN’s call.

UAE Ministry of Education announces a great step to be taken in par with SDG No.4 of UN Sustainable Development Goals on the International Day of Education, to be held on January 24th .

With the program titled as “Sky is the limit for smart learning, Fly safely”, UAE plans to achieve quality education via Smart Learning.

According to the ministry, smart learning aims to provide solution to the modern challenges by providing, borderless and unbiased education to all age group.

Dr. Abdullah Mehyas the Chairman, eSafe society stated that “We must prepare ourselves and our children for that new Smart & Digital world, so that we follow the quote of Late. Sh. H.H. Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nehyan”.

It also envisions UAE vision 2021 national priority on First Rate Education System and United in Knowledge or Competitive Knowledge Economy which will be powered by skilled Emiratis and strengthened by world-class talents to ensure long-term prosperity for UAE.

Eng Adel Alkaff Al Hashmi said “Smart learning or visual learning has numerous benefits that help to increase a child’s interest and retain it for many years.  Some of the major benefits include to motivate students, simplify teaching and reduce cost of learning”.

Education offers children gateway to a promising future and is a fundamental element for the development of a country. In this technological era students must get a smart way of learning and Smart classes play a key role in providing quality education through:

Flexible learning methods, Highly effective teaching and learning experience, More interactive atmosphere, Easy and low cost maintenance, Simplify teaching, Motivate students , Access to online resources, Eco friendly models, Upgraded integration, Maintain pace of growth, Easily repeatable, Usage of various tools

In other words smart learning can provide solution to many of those challenges of modern education by promoting borderless, unbiased but affordable education to all age groups

Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Saidalavi  the founder and COO of the society, urged audience to become part of the association by becoming a “Cyber Volunteer” during his Kahoot Session.  Society conducted an opinion survey (result is published below) to understand the importance of safety during the implementation of Smart Learning

On the other hand, the success of Smart learning project is about how effectively and positively the following concerned are address

  1. Parents concern over new teaching method
  2. Teachers concern of distraction of the students
  3. Less social interaction
  4. Decreases the problem solving ability
  5. Learning may become more mechanical
  6.  Lessen the importance of a teacher
  7. Expense increases for the infrastructure of educational sector
  8. Potential Cyber Safety issues